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The best way to ensure long engine life is to entrust the care of your vehicle to only highly-qualified technicians. Pep Boys knows your engine like few others. Our technicians are nationally-certified and trusted professionals who understand the complexities of modern engines. They will skillfully perform engine diagnostic service, routine maintenance tune-ups and major performance tune-ups to help ensure your engine performs at its absolute best.

                                     ENGINE PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS: THE WARNING SIGNS

  • Loss of power

  • Drop in gas mileage

  • Knocking when your engine is accelerating

  • Stalling when engine is either hot or cold or when using air conditioning

  • Hard starting, although the battery easily turns the engine over

  • Dieseling (the engine continues to run even after ignition is turned off)

  • Noxious exhaust odor

  • Rough running at any speed

  • Backfiring

  • Engine dash warning lights stay on

True, today's engines are designed to travel farther without major maintenance.

However, this assumes you carefully adhere to the manufacturer's routine maintenance schedule, no matter what your mileage. It also assumes you don't constantly use your vehicle under what car and truck makers describe as "special or harsh circumstances."

My engine has gone over 45,000 miles without a tune-up and it's still running fine, except it idles a little rough and the gas mileage isn't what it used to be.

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